19 August 2013

Weekly Wishes #10

Another Monday has arrived and it's time for another Weekly Wishes, but first a catch up from last week

My to do list has most things checked off, but as far as time management goes I still struggled and didn't get snooping in to the Pomodoro method all that much. So that will continue for this week. As for my fitness challenges, well I struggled with them too. For some reason last week was full of walls to bust down. I did change it up a bit though and didn't strictly stick to the Beginners Calendar. As my goal is more about my fitness level at the moment I stuck to cardio and all over body workouts rather than specific focused ones. I'm now beginning to see just how great Blogilates is as I can pick and choose what videos to include depending on my overall goal. Once this calendar is done, I'll be creating my own which is something I seem to be geeking out about right now!

This week I'm hoping to be a bit more active in the blogging world as I've felt it slip over the past two weeks. I'll be making a bigger effort to engage and comment on other blogs and start growing my blogging circle. So I'm on a mission of discovery to find new bloggy friends! I'll share some links next week of some of my new finds.

I also really want to smash my favourite Scottish words post for Jenny, we're doing a special guest post swap and I seriously can't wait to share it with you guys. I've been working on it today and have been reading a load of words that have just made me laugh so much, so I'm in a cracking mood today!!

What's your new favourite blog? I'd love to check some of them out if you point me in the right direction! If you haven't linked up with Weekly Wishes yet, then you should. We're growing in numbers by the week and it's fantastic! Check it out over at The Nectar Collective.

Until next week Weekly Wishers - Good luck with your goals!

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