24 May 2013

My 3 Worst Traits

It's another list topic today and I do love a good list. Our Blog Everyday In May post today is to list our 3worst traits and I like to think that like Mary Poppins I'm practically perfect in every way, but hey apparently I'm not! So, grudgingly, here is my short list of flaws.

1. I call it creative chaos, but my Mum calls it nesting. Not nesting in the normal womanly ways when we have a home, but encircling myself with paper, pencils, paint, canvases and at one time melted nappy liners. See I am an expressive person when it comes to art and so need every possible medium surrounding me at anyone time. Ok I'll just drop the excuses - yes I am messy. There I admitted it, are you happy Mum?! Probably, as now it's Peter that has to deal with it not you.

2. I'm a bit of a procrastinator - I constantly need to write to do lists in order to get things done. I'm getting better a this and this challenge really has helped. So here's to my non-procrastinating future.

3. This is an odd one and annoys Peter soooo much and it's probably more of a habit than trait. Every night, and I mean every night not just on occasion, I get in to bed and flick the covers under my heels. Peter is at least two inches taller than me so his feet are now sticking out of the duvet getting cold. After about a year or so of this he finally broke down and asked me what the hell I was doing. You may have read my post about what I'm most afraid of, well this is just as ridiculous if not more so. Of course the Tellybox is 100% responsible for two reasons. Some of you may remember, in Britain anyway that night in 1992 when we were introduced to Mr Pipes who terrorised a family home and subsequently the telly studio. Then there was the episode Humbug of The X files that introduced the Fiji Mermaid, the little beastie mermaid thing crawling around the floor *bleurgh! - Thank you BBC1 and Chris Carter.

A wee sneaky peek at the horror we all faced as kids in the 90s

Unlike my fear of werewolves however I am fully recovered from the Mr Pipes and Fiji Mermaid horrors and now it's just a comfort thing to keep ma tootsies warm.

What are your worst habits or traits?


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