5 August 2013

Weekly Wishes #8 + Giveaway

Weekly Wishes 8

I'm feeling very calm and collected this morning hence my pretty pic above. We didn't even realise we'd captured a pretty large bird in this pic until we got home - nice one!!

It's Weekly Wishes time again and I'm really chuffed with myself that I managed to nail last week's wish. I did every day of my arm challenge and have even been relishing in the pain it's brought me - it means its working!

I've also started the Blogilates beginner's calendar, thanks mainly to the amazing support from Crystal and all the ladies tweeting #bloggersgettingfit (list compiled by the fabby-dabby Allie). Their support has been insane and I can't thank you all enough!

So to this week's wish. Yesterday I made a to do list for the week in order to keep me focused on what needs done. I have two commissions to work on, both spookily involving birds, so there will be a lot of bird research. I'm also going to keep up the arm challenge and Blogilates calendar and hopefully find time for a swim! I'm going crazy this week.

My other super cheese wish is to try and not miss Peter too much. He goes back to work tomorrow and after 11 awesome Pete filled days I don't know what I'll do with myself alone in the house. Is it time to get a dog yet?!

If you want to get things done this week then link up with us over at The Nectar Collective and join in the fun! - Also check out the insane giveaway below, there's loads of gift card goodness to win!

august-giveaway-ladies august-giveaway-prizes  
a Rafflecopter giveaway


1. The winner will be contacted by email within seven days of the contest's end.
2. Winner must respond to that e-mail within 48 hours. If they don't respond, a new winner will be chosen.
3. This contest is open internationally!


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