8 July 2013

Weekly Wishes #4 & Giveaway

Weekly Wishes
It's Monday again which is usually a day of woe as it's back to work day, but with the Weekly Wishes feature I think we're all feeling that little bit better about the Monday blues.

So my wishes for last week were to continue with my mindfulness and to list at least one positive thing that happened or I felt at the end of each day. How did I do? Pretty good. I continued a few days of mindfulness practice and I have my list of positive things:

Mon 1st: All the comments I got on my Weekly Wishes posts gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. I also sorted the office out and tidied it up making it a more productive space.
Tues 2nd: Date night. El Pedro took me to see Man of Steel again, cue deafness thanks to Hans Zimmer and the visual assault on my eyeballs thanks to the 3D » awesome!
Wed 3rd: I watched The Muppets and cried - another warm fuzzy feeling of joy. Gotta love the Muppets.
Thu 4th: This article had me giddy with happiness inside. I'm a bit of a gamer, but I'm so sick of stereotyped highly sexualised women in games and this was a great step forward. *Air punch.
Fri 5th: Went for a walk and felt great - also got the pants scared off me by the freaky zombies in World War Z.
Sat 6th: Peter and I had a beasting lunch and have now declared Saturday a feast day. A day where we eat an epic lunch and enjoy each other's company for a full day - most days we're both working at different times.
Sun 7th: The sun was shining so we went for a walk, got ice cream and sat in the park. It got a little too hot at one point so I ran under a tree for 5 minutes to cool down while Pedro baked in the sun. Another day just hanging out together and talking nonsense. We also met a new friend while visiting the goats and ducks in the park.

Day in the Park

This week's wish is pretty simple. I've been planning on writing a 30 before 30 post and was beginning to feel like I wasn't being ambitious enough and then too ambitious. And then I read Chimerikal's post about throwing away her bucket list and it got me thinking. If I was to share a bucket list, knowing my nature, I'd feel like a failure if I didn't start crossing things off. So I've decided to write a reverse 30ish before 30 list featuring all the things I've already achieved.
I do have a list of stuff I'd love to do and will most likely keep it, but this is a way of looking back positively at the things I've done and can only help encourage me to accomplish more.
So that's my wish/task for the week - write all my accomplishments down and bask in my awesomeness.

Now moving on to something exciting... the first ever giveaway I've been involved in, Woots!

Whether or not you're a world traveler, seven of my friends and I have got you covered so that you can go on an adventure no matter where you are! Like seeing the world in new ways? Cool, you can get a free copy of the popular book, How to Be An Explorer by Keri Smith. Want to kick back at home and go on an adventure with a glass of wine? Sounds like you might like owning Into the Wild! Want more? Jeez you people are demanding. ;) Not to worry, we're also giving away a Moleskin Postal Notebook (you can mail it, as is, anywhere in the world! Talk about snail mail heaven), a Tibetan silver compass necklace, and a chevron luggage tag!

Enter the giveaway below to get this uniquely adventurous prize pack. Woop woop! By the way, this giveaway is INTERNATIONAL so anyone can enter! Your prizes will be shipped to you from JAPAN! Wooooo! Now take a look at the awesome sponsors of The Nectar Collective who brought you this fabulous prize pack:

Adventure Lovin' Ladies

Adventure Lovin' Giveaway Prizes

How to Be an Explorer of the World by Keri Smith | Tibetan Silver Compass Necklace |
Into the Wild DVD | Moleskin Postal Notebook | Chevron Luggage Tag
Remember, this giveaway is international so anyone is welcome!
Your prizes will be sent from Tokyo!
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1. Winner WILL be verified. If one of your entries proves to be invalid, you will be disqualified.
2. Winner will be contacted through email by July 17th. You will then have 48 hours to respond to the e-mail with your address. If 48 hours has passed and you haven't responded, we will pick a new winner.

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