3 July 2013

Wonderbeasts with Johanna Basford

I love the idea of Kickstarter and the amount of things it can make possible for creative people so when it came to helping one of my favourite illustrators Johanna Basford with her Wonderbeasts project I couldn't say no.

Wonderbeasts was to be an interactive artwork where every donator picked a beastie, a bird, animal or mythical creatures and Johanna would draw it all out. I picked a lady bird and here he is being flown off by an eagle. An awesome little action shot for my little ladybird.
As a thank you to all those who took part Johanna sent out gifts which arrived the other day. I love them! Included in my lovely little packet was a print of the finished artwork, 3 postcards, 2 pin badges, a temporary tattoo and a lovely handwritten letter from Johanna as a personal thank you. The more and more donations the project got the more rewards Johanna added on, really stacking up her to do lists. 

I loved taking part in the project and think Kickstarter and crowd funding are brilliant and open so many doors to folk that want to be creative.

You can see the finished artwork on Johanna's website and click through all the contributors names to see each of our ideas. Take the time to go through Johanna's work as it truly is beautiful, you won't regret it.


Have you ever donated to a Kickstarter or crowd funding project? Or do you have one running yourself? Leave a link below I'd love to see some more.

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