1 June 2013

Quantum Leaping from Gardening to Sci Fi

We had a lovely start to our morning with Peter doing a presentation at Abbey Books in Paisley for young writers club, New Leaf. He told them all about the animation and games industries and how storytelling is used throughout production. I sat in on the second group and it was really interesting, although I am a tad biased, but it really was!

While Peter was talking to the first group I had a nosey around for some interesting books - there's always something in a second bookshop worth having. I quickly found myself in the gardening section and looking back at me were three books on cacti and succulents.

During the short five months Peter and I have been in our own home I have managed to kill two Gerber daisies. I felt awful about this and had to ask my Mum if there was anything simpler for me to nurture that would help me develop my green thumb. When visiting a couple of weeks ago she bought me three little cacti and proclaimed that they were easy to care for. I'm not so about this sure as the little pink flowers on the "chubby" cactus have now closed and slightly shrivelled, is this a sign it's dying??  {Apologies for my lack of knowledge on the correct names of my precious new cacti}.

I bought two books on cacti and succulents and plan on reading through them asap so I don't suffer the guilt of killing another living thing.

One of the books is a signed copy and I'll be doing some research in to who Charles Glass and Robert Foster actually are - cacti gurus I'm assuming. Now that I'm armed with these new books and The Nectar Collective's post Taking Care of Succulents I hope to become a successful cacti gardener - wish me luck.

I love second hand bookshops as there are always secret treasures to be found. I know what you're thinking; Oh boy, is that a Quantum Leap novel? Well it is and I'm so geekily excited about it. I've loved Quantum Leap since I was 5 or 6 and most of my beliefs are based on the teachings of Dr Sam Beckett and Rear Admiral Calavicci, but I never knew that there were novels kicking about. How did this knowledge escape me? I picked up "prelude" for £1 as it serves as a set up to the TV series. Here's the blurb:

Dr. Sam Beckett wasn't always a leaper. And Admiral Al Calavicci wasn't always a holographic image. In 1993, at Stallion's Gate, New Mexico, Sam and Al were ordinary men with extraordinary ambitions...
Project Quantum Leap was only a dream.

What was the secret that made Ziggy much more than a machine? Why did Sam really want to travel in time? Where was Al that fateful winter night? And who almost destroyed the dream before it began?

The answers are just a leap away...

Ooh I'm hooked and can't wait to get stuck in. I'll definitely be blogging about it when I'm done. No doubt I'll be back at Abbey books looking for more Quantum Leap novels some time soon. Starting to regret giving away all my X Files books.

If you've read any great TV adaptations or have any tips on cacti/succulent gardening I'd love to hear from you, please leave a coment below.


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