21 May 2013

Digging Through the Archives

It's day 21 and I've missed 2 days - easily forgiven as I was spending the days with my Mum for her birthday. This involved her teaching me how to sort our wee garden, wanders round Ikea, lunch and dinner with The Bruv and Grandma and a girly trip to the cinema to swoon over one Mr DiCaprio. Fun times!

On to todays topic - A list of links to our favourite posts in our own archives. I've picked a few that I'm proud of and enjoyed writing the most.

A Public Apology

One of my favourite topics so far in the Blog Everyday in May challenge, writing a public apology to my brother for all the wrongs I have done.

DaisyBisley In The Real World

The invites are done! I was so chuffed to see these in person after our friends Joni and Joe asked me to design their wedding invites.

Weddings, Pirates, Turtles & Tattoos

A little catch up on some of the work I was doing in 2012, including custom tees, tattoos and the original wedding invitation design.

Ode To Special Fx

This was a post professing my love for special effects in movies and the hard work done by the artists that create them.

I hope there are as fun to read as it was to write them! Thanks for reading and please leave a link to your favourite post from your archive.


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