10 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Here it comes... every year I make a vow to be more active on my blog and social networks and fail miserably. The truth is I've been falling behind because over the past 5 months I've been caught up in some kind of whirlwind that has kept me away from my blog and working on other things.

In my last post I said I had been accepted to take part in the Gen Up Programme, well that has been and gone now and I have to say I enjoyed every minute! I was forced out of my shell and made more aware of the fact that I am actually good at what I do, something us creative folk have a bit of trouble owning up to! I met some great people and networked with industry folk and most importantly ended up with a job.
In my work placement week I spent time at Raise the Roof Productions helping out with release forms and press releases which was really quite interesting. I learned a lot in the short week I was there and really enjoyed it. I also worked on their social media networks and outlined a plan for them to try when I left and they must have liked it as they asked me to come back the day after I finished Gen up!
So that's where I've been since the 7th of October. I was supposed to be there until November, but got extended until December and then on my last day I was told I had been extended until March. So really it was a Christmas and birthday present all in one.
I suppose that now that my job title is Social Media Coordinator I have no excuse to be lacking in my social media endeavours and this blog should be more active and hopefully more interesting as I share my thoughts, works and interesting stuff I've found. At least, that's the plan!

In other news I finally passed my driving test this week after 2 previous attempts and almost 10 years of learning (on and off) what a relief it was to finally pass. I was gutted I failed in December - I had 3 minors and pretty much a perfect drive, if it hadn't been for the cyclist approaching the zebra crossing...
I'm now waiting for my lovely pink licence to arrive although I would have preferred to get a new picture. I am apparently to be stuck with the monstrosity that is my 16 year old self at a time when I was known to my friends as Claire "I HATE my hair" Glasgow for the next ten years, not to mention a signature that looks nothing like how I sign my name now. In fact this licence could possibly get me investigated for some sort of fraud! Let the fun begin :D

Over Christmas I managed to get the rebranding of Daisy*B Design off the ground. Still putting the finishing touches to it all, but overall I think it suits me a lot better than the floral designs I had before. I got rid of the name Daisy*B Design as it turns out there is at least 3 other folk on the net using it and have decided to just stick with DaisyBisley as my working name. Still trying to figure out how to go about changing the Facebook page though. Any thoughts?

Thanks for reading


ambothan said...

Hey - I always liked that hair cut! :-) The new site designs are looking lovely - really nice and clean. Well done!

DaisyBisley said...

thanks Anna

Modern Country Lady said...

Hi Claire, as long as you don't have too many followers you can change your facebook page, but if you have over 200( I think ) you are stuck with the Facebook page( Which I learned to my cost as I wanted to change " Modern Country Lady " to My Aunt Agatha"- I had too many followers already hahaha - is a new Facebook pagwe an idea maybe for you ??

DaisyBisley said...

Yeah I think I might just do that and spread the word again, make a fresh start. Really not happy using DaisyB Designs anymore as theres quite a few people going under that name and very similar names.