21 January 2010

Digital Catch Up...

The final catch up. My digital work.

So if you followed me before, you might remember that I was working on a Vexel Bumblebee piece in Photoshop. Well, its finally finished and here it is...


I was really happy that this was finally done. I used tutorials on DeviantArt by Donbenni to help me through it. He does loads of really cool vexel artworks. I think it turned out well and I can't wait to try another car! Was thinking about doing the Impala from supernatural, Ooh or a mustang! what do you think?

Next up is a couple of typography pieces. The first one is called 2010 and is for the Text Art in 2010 competition on DeviantArt. It was done completely in Photoshop.



The one above is called Alive. I actually did this before 2010. I aketched the text out then scanned it and went over it with the pen tool inPs. It took a while, but it was worth ir I think, instead of using a font from the computer. I did about 4 or 5 lighting tutorials from the web and Advanced Photoshop magazines before I even attemted these as I really want to get good at lighting effects and really understand how to use Ps to the best of its capabilities.

This next piece has to be my favourite. After complaining that my artistic Flash skills were not that great (I've only ever used it for animating) I wanted to shut myself up by trying. Fortunately my boyfriend is a Flash genius and gave me a quick rundown on how to go about creating really clean vector images. So after lots of swearing and shouting (luckily Peter never heard as he was wearing his headphones that could block the sound of an atomic blast!) I came out with this angry wee sod!
The idea came of an angry cupcake came to me in work for some odd reason. I sketched it in the dark there (I work in a theatre), took it home and scanned it into Ps. As soon as I started I realised I wasn't going to get the vector look I was wanting, hence the complaining about my Flash skills, or lack thereof! lol

The Angry Cupcake

I thought he would be angry because his frosting is pink and he really wanted to be blue! Hope you like him :D

So thats the end of the catch up with Daisy*B! Next time it will all be new stuff, lets just hope I don't take too long :P
At the moment I'm working on a logo for a band called Aiteal and a group of photographs for my Auntie of my wee cousins surfing. Stay tuned to see how I get on.

Thanks for reading

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Abi said...

I like the middle two :) they're pretty. and the cupcake is funny and cute! nice work.